Students in grades 5-8 at Lansing Middle School recently participated in the Northeast Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl. Teams from Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania participated. The team from Lansing Middle School in Lansing, New York won first place in the 5th grade division of the Northeast Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl.

Lansing's fifth grade high score was a fine 1347. Second place was won by Lynnewood Elementary School in Havertown, Pennsylvania with a great 1219. A super 6th grade score of 1336 won the first team trophy and ribbons for Middlesex Middle in Darien, Connecticut. Lansing’s sixth grade team placed 9th of 24 teams. Lansing’s fifth graders scored with the most points of all fifth and sixth grade participating teams.


At the seventh and eighth grade levels, Lansing’s 7th graders placed 4th of 23 participating teams. Lansing’s eighth grade team placed 2nd of 34 participating teams in the Northeast with a score of 1251 points and 95% accuracy.


The intent of the competition is that students have fun while doing a scholastic, computer team competition in their own school.

The tests are self-scoring, computer contests of 100 multiple-choice questions. Areas covered include math, geography, government, sports, spelling, science, literature, English, history, general information and just plain fun trivia. It is meant to be a team activity with all takers around one computer. Two chances to answer correctly are given. Points are awarded based on how fast they answer as well as on accuracy. Therefore, teams who do well usually are teams who can come up with a consensus answer quickly. An adult is needed to monitor but no adult help may be given.