by Emily Selland

star dogDo you need a sweet-tempered Hound dog in your life? I'd be a great choice! I'm Star, and at 10 years old, I'm long done with naughty puppy behaviors like chewing on your shoes, and ready to be your easy-going companion. But don't let my age fool you into thinking I'm a couch potato! I love going for rambling walks and exploring, nose to the ground with my giant ears flopping in the wind. I can be a little nervous about going to new places, but know to look to my humans for guidance and don't mind sharing my home with visitors if they want to come over here instead. Because I'm not as sturdy as I once was and feel a little stiff and sore some days, I'd like to live with middle-school aged kids or older, so I know everyone will be gentle and able to help me if I need it. I'd like to be your only dog, since dogs I don't know make me nervous. Do I sound like a good match for you? Come to the shelter and meet me!

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