dearmargaretDear Margaret: I have a business partner that drives me nuts. He seems unable to commit to a direction in our small firm. He gets close to making a decision, finds more information on the topic or project, and off we go to explore other options. I'd rather do something wrong than do nothing at all.  I know we've lost business because of his inability to move forward with almost anything.  We've partnered for about a year and a half and I've invested a great deal in this venture. I feel it unwise to back out at this point. I'm at my wits end. What can I do to convince him that there comes a point when constant research has diminishing returns?
At My Wits End

Dear At My Wits End: Have you ever been engaged in a creative activity and that one more brush stroke, that one more clip of the scissors on someone's haircut, or that one more planting in a garden ruined the entire project? Those Seekers never seem to be satisfied, and their outlooks are expansive and hard to contain. That is part of their value. As you realize, it's also part of their downfall in a business trying to make a profit. From the sounds of it, the two of you might just be the perfect combination once you appreciate each of your strengths and weaknesses. Doing a 'post mortem' on each project, whether won or lost, paying special attention to what each of you contributed to the success or failure, would be helpful. Perhaps you may have jumped the gun on a project that might have required additional research. Be open and honest about your contributions as well. I'm sure you can both agree on your goal of running a profitable operation. Make a habit of setting up regular management meetings. If you are honest about your own contributions or lack thereof, he might be open to admitting his.

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