dearmargaretDear Margaret: I seem to be at a crossroads in my career.  I know what I’m doing in my current job is unfulfilling, but financially rewarding. Another opportunity has opened up for me which I know will be extremely emotionally satisfying, but not as profitable. I know I will eventually make the leap to the new, more gratifying career path, but am having trouble making the transition.  I’ve never been one to avoid change, but for some reason I feel frozen to make a switch. How can I give myself the push to follow through?
Stuck in Limbo

Dear Stuck in Limbo: At times, life gives you a choice of doing things the easy way or the hard way. Right now the choice is in your hands, which is the easy way. You’re feeling an inner tug to make a transition, but the fact that the new path is less lucrative seems to be your sticking point. Are you believing you can’t make ends meet? Do you think the new direction isn’t sustainable?  Identify your exact fear. The consequences of going against what you know is right for you might be doing things the hard way in that your inner turmoil will get worse as time goes on.  Try taking emotion out of the equation, set a target date, and put your energy into following your instincts rather than your fears.

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