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townhall 120The Lansing Town board approved the $4,917,298.65 2016 town budget Wednesday.  The Board also approved a $1,332,573.32 budget for special districts in the Town.  $1,833,158.68  of the town budget will be collected in property taxes and PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) money.  Town officials estimate that the tax rate will rise 3.95%.

$284,000 of the budget will come from the Town's unexpended fund balance, with the remaining $2,800,139.97 coming from revenue other than property taxes.  That revenue comes from a number of sources, including fees for programs and permits.  Some Highway Department funding comes from state road improvement dollars, and much of the Highway Department budget (outside the Village) comes from sales taxes.

Perhaps the most controversial top in Lansing right now is whether the Town needs a full time planner or a part time planning consultant.  $61,000 has been budgeted for a Planning Consultant in the 2016, which is $1,400 less than last year.  A budget line for a full time planner has no money allocated to it.

Special districts include service areas for drainage, sewer, water and lighting.  That money is paid only by the people who own property within each district.  lansing has five drainage districts, three lighting districts, two sewer districts, and a water district.

The board voted 3-1 to approve the budget, with Councilman Ed LaVigne voting no and Supervisor Kathy Miller not present.

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