According to Congressman Tom Reed the ACA (Affordable Care Act) has hurt many hard working Americans across the nation. As Congress begins to address repealing and replacing the flawed Affordable Care Act, Reed outlined the areas the new legislation will address.

"We care about ensuring access to quality, affordable healthcare so working families across America will no longer have to deal with the failed health care policies forced upon them," Reed stated. "This is a plan that empowers individuals with choice. Having the freedom to choose what type of insurance you are provided is a cornerstone of this plan."

The plan will address three major components of the ACA: Enhancing Health Savings Accounts, providing tax credits, and modernizing Medicaid.

Reed says enhancing HSAs will make changes to the amount of money an individual or family can put into their accounts, allowing economic freedom. The plan provides all Americans access to a portable, monthly tax credit that they can use to buy a health insurance plan that's right for them—not one tied to a job or a government-mandated program. The plan will turn power back to the states in regards to Medicaid that will help protect vulnerable populations. Reed says this will result in a fair solution to repealing and replacing the ACA with a free market, individual centered approach.

"This plan is a modern, all-encompassing approach that will drive down the cost of health insurance and improve the lives of many individuals. This plan will turn health insurance over to competitive forces that will lead to a program that will allow people to choose health insurance based on their specific needs," Reed added.