With Snow Forecast for Friday, Residents Advised to Take Care

The Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response advises residents to use normal safety precautions for dealing with snow, in light of several inches of snow forecast for this region on Friday.

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for this area, beginning Friday morning.  A Winter Storm Watch means that it is possible for winter storm conditions to occur.

Today's Weather

Snow is expected to develop Friday morning, become heavier during the afternoon, and last through Friday night, perhaps mixing with rain or sleet at times, before diminishing early Saturday morning. Forecasters believe it likely that the heaviest amounts of snow will fall to the north and east of us.

Residents are urged to use good judgment about the need to drive when roads are snow-covered, and to slow down when they need to drive in snowy, slippery conditions; to keep warm by dressing in layers; to limit exertion while shoveling; and to take care of neighbors who may need assistance.


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