April 23rd is election day in the Village of Lansing.  Villagers will elect a mayor and two trustees.  Incumbents Mayor Donald Hartill, and Trustees Lynn Leopold and Patricia O'Rourke are running uncontested this year.

hartill2012_120Donald Hartill leopold2012_120Lynn Leopold orourke_120Patricia O'Rourke

Hartill has been Mayor of the Village of Lansing for 16 years, and was a Trustee before that beginning in 1989. He and his wife Marion have lived in Lansing since late 1968.  He is a Professor of Physics at Cornell University.  He is running for his 9th term as Mayor.  Hartill has focussed on providing the best services for the least taxes, and delights in telling people the Village has the lowest taxes in the state.

Leopold is running for her eighth term as Village Trustee. She began when she was appointed to finish out the term of a resigning Trustee.  Leoplold was the recycling specialist at the Tompkins County Solid Waste Division, now retired.  She has been particularly active on environmental issues, including the annual storm water management report, and is the point person from the Board of Trustees on the Village's deer population management program.

O'Rourke joined the board in 2010 to fill then Trustee Larry Fresinski's term after he moved away.  She is running for her second full term this month.  She born and raised in London, England, and came to Ithaca with her husband in 1978 when he got a job teaching Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell.  They moved to the Village in 1986.  She has been the Village liaison to Ithaca Youth services, and has a focus on aligning youth services to costs for village children.

The last day for a new voter to register and be eligible for this election is April 12. The last day for the Board of Elections to receive an application for an absentee ballot to be mailed to the voter is April 16, and the last day to apply in person is April 22.  Applications for absentee ballots may be obtained from the Board Of Elections office or downloaded from their website.

The election will be held Tuesday, April 23, at the Village Office, 2405 N. Triphammer Rd. from noon to 9 p.m. Only registered voters living within the village boundaries are eligible to vote.