EditorialAn offhand comment by Tompkins County Legislator Mike Sigler about two weeks ago has become stuck in my mind.  Referring to the moratorium on new natural gas customers in Lansing, Sigler asked, "Isn't it the power company's job to provide power to customers?"  He was talking about the stalled West Dryden Road pipeline, saying that if they couldn't get the variances they need along that route they should simply find a route they could build on.  The question is, in a county where many people are anxious to get on with eliminating fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy, is it up to the power company to say no when there is demand for fossil fuels?

The name of our power company is New York State Electric & Gas Corporation, so you would think NYSEG would be anxious for new natural gas customers.  Natural gas is clearly a core product that they deliver.  At the same time the company is venturing into alternative energy solutions. It's parent company Avangrid has a major division that owns wind and solar power facilities, hydroelectric and thermal generation plants.  Their Energy Smart Community initiative that is in the process of launching in Lansing, Dryden and Ithaca has everything to do with incorporating energy from alternative sources into the grid.