Editorial - Who Pays For Flood Mitigation?


Editorial - Who Pays For Flood Mitigation?


EditorialI sympathized with Autumn Ridge homeowners whose homes were flooded last August when they came to Wednesday's Town Board meeting for solutions to a neighborhood-wide program.  My basement was flooded when I lived on Ridge Road and the telephone company destroyed a drain that left my just re-finished basement covered in inches of water, and then mold.  It was expensive, disgusting and a health hazard.  Did I mention expensive?

My current house has a long bowl-like driveway with the house and the street at high points leading to a bowl shape with a yard at the center low point.  The yard has been flooded for a number of years to the point where I can no longer mow it without my lawn tractor sinking into the mud.  I am told the yard can probably be repaired, but my insurance doesn't cover it, and you know how that goes.

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