postheadericon Editorial - Computers Have No Idea What I'm Saying

I won't say that Tuesday was the best day in my life, but I did have a very amusing experience.  I interviewed the new middle school principal on Friday and needed to transcribe our 40 minute interview.  Because of an arm injury typing has been painful for me lately.  I learned of a way for my computer to transcribe it from my sound file to text.  I wouldn't have to type.  This could be a Godsend.  I was excited!

The Mac has dictation built into its operating system.  An open-source piece of software called Soundflower can listen to your sound file and send the sound directly to the computer's dictation function.  So your sound file replaces your computer's microphone and voila! a transcript!  No typing need be done, except for minor edits.

Well, not exactly...

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postheadericon Letters - The Climate Made Them Do It

mailmanOn September 8th and 9th two men will stand trial for taking a non violent action meant to inform the public that the need to take meaningful steps to prevent global climate suicide is urgent.  Both men are known to be of exemplary character, and have taken their action after many years of careful thought and personal action in the area of climate change.  One of the men, Jay O'Hara, is known to me personally.

Both men raise the justification of 'necessity' in their defense. This legal defense states that their action was directly related to a higher moral calling – that of preventing the global health and economic disaster that is climate change.

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postheadericon Letters - Roberson Reaching Across the Aisle

mailmanIn an August 22 release from Martha Robertson, she is quoted in the Lansing Star as saying, "It’s time to work across the aisle ...."  Well, anything may be possible once in infinity, but based on Robertson's past record, the idea that she could or would reach across the aisle even if by some miracle she was elected, is nothing short of fantasy.

Henry Kramer
Dryden, NY
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Ed Avery

I was born and raised in Lansing, graudate of the class of 1980. I look forward to each and every to read your columns. I frown when it happens to be one of the 4 weeks you did not produce a new Star. Thank you for your reporting on all aspects of Lansing.
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