Editorial - Stinky Farms


Editorial - Stinky Farms


EditorialWhen we moved to our house in Lansing I told my wife we lived in 'deep country'.  Coming from a farming family she scoffed at me and told me you're not in deep country if you can get cable TV.  But I am a city boy... well, a suburb boy, at least... and to me this was deep country.  It was rural.  It was pastoral.  And then one day I opened the door and took a deep breath and it smelled like... manure. Really strong manure.

I figured the farms were here long before I moved in, and I chose to live in deep country, so the effluvia was just something I would live with.  If I didn't want to smell it I could have moved into a city.  It's not like I didn't know there were farms here before I made the offer on our house.  Besides, when I went back inside I didn't really smell it.

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