EditorialTechnology can make our lives better, but for some reason the people who make it also want to make our lives more annoying.  Our phones want to notify us of every little thing, including quite a lot of marketing messages.  For example, I turned on notifications for the Target app because I thought it would alert me when an order was being shipped.  Instead it sent daily messages on what it thought I should buy at Target, and it didn't say a word about my shipment.  Silly me... I should have paid more attention to the UPS app.

Now cars have jumped enthusiastically into the melee.  Little warning lights have multiplied like rabbits, and data is displayed on a big touch screen, which, by the way, the manufacturer recommends you do not look at while you are driving.  Don't even get me started... do you know a single human being on this planet who isn't going to look at that screen if something interesting is on it?!  Of course the few humans not on this planet look at those screens for a living.

What I really want to rant about is the Maint Reqd light.  Why does it come on at seemingly random intervals?  And how can one disable the annoying little bugger?