Editorial - Should I Finish That Book?


Editorial - Should I Finish That Book?


EditorialHave you ever started a book, realized part way through that it's terrible, yet still felt compelled to finish it, desperate in the notion that it had to get better?  I know a lot of people who do that, myself included.  Though not as much as I grow older and ornerier.  It drives me crazy when an author gets so wrapped up in his research that he just tells it to me in endless verbiage, rather than integrating it into the story.

Two of the most basic ideas behind drama are 'action over words' and 'two maids dusting'.  'Action over words' means that if you have the choice between showing the action on stage or having one or more characters describe it to the audience, alway choose the former.  It has much more dramatic impact, even if it is not an especially physical scene, for the audience to see important events that further the plot and flesh out the characters than it does to simply tell them about it.  And not just in art.  Remember how you felt on 9/11 when you saw those planes on television in real-time?

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