Editorial - Worshiping Apple Is Not Cool

EditorialI don't get how Apple became a religion.  It is starting to get annoying with even main stream publications reporting on every rumor and every move the company makes.  Recently the fever grew out of control leading up to the company's new product announcements on September 12.  After months of multiple publications publishing detailed rumors, imagined designs, surmised dates... the company finally told the world what it was actually going to do over the next few months.  And then a new spate of commentary began.

What I object to is the evangelism aspect of it.  I happen to use Apple products now, but when I was a Windows-only person I found folks who gloried in telling me the virtues of the Mac and trying to make me feel foolish for using the inferior product boorish.  The puppy dog-like enthusiasm for the all-so-superior Mac was at least as annoying as an enthusiastic puppy dog, but not nearly as cute.

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