Editorial - Never Ending Temporary Tax


Editorial - Never Ending Temporary Tax


EditorialTax Day was Monday.  Now that you are past the stress of filing your income tax returns -- unless you applied for an extension -- I feel it is a safe to remark that the income tax was supposed to be a temporary thing, and at one point the Supreme Court ruled the federal income tax was unconstitutional.

That's right.  The IRS was created by President Abraham Lincoln when he signed into law a measure that created the tax and a created a Commissioner of Internal Revenue.  It was meant to pay for expenses related to the Civil War, and it was essentially a tax on the wealthy, as only those with an income above $800 had to pay the 3% tax (it doesn't seem like a lot, but most workers didn't earn that much in 1862).

Here is a news flash for our congressmen and senators in Washington, DC: the Civil War ended 151 years ago.  So why do we still have an income tax, and one that is so convoluted and politicized, and a taxing agency that is feared more than Sauron in Mordor and Harry Potter's He Who Must Not Be Named put together?

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