mailmanI choose Walaa Maharem-Horan as candidate for the office of Town Board for the town of Lansing. Walaa acquired a great deal of experience dealing with local legislation when she served as a strong organizer and cofounder of Ithaca Welcomes Refugees. In this position, Walaa gained respect from the public as well as the mayor of Ithaca. Her additional roles take part in the Ithaca Public Education Initiative, Ithaca Monterssori School, and on the board for Mosallah Nour.

Walaa,has worked and settled her home in the town of Lansing. Both Walaa and her husband are very well liked and respected in their community. She is active in many local events so that she can speak to the importance of how strong communities are with great events and programs in place.

I most admire Walaa for her selfless volunteer work. I have gained respect and have acquired admiration for her generosity, intelligence, and dedication that she puts out into our community on a daily basis. Walaa has paused many of her personal goals so that she can focus on the community and assuring that we stay a connected, diverse, and safe place to live. She has put many hours into making our community come together has a unit rather than the division we are seeing in our nation.

With proud enthusiasm, I support Walaa as our party's candidate for Town Board of Lansing.

Best Regards,
Jennifer Trego
Lansing, NY