mailmanWe kindly ask you help in recognizing two Lansing heroes that saved a family from drowning this weekend.  On Saturday, our family of five attended the Lansing Harbor Festival activities. Having a foot injury, my fiance stayed behind, while I and our three young children rented a canoe out of Myers Park at about 2:45 pm.

The current however was strong, and the swells were white capping over four feet tall. Before long we were swept away by the wind and the water current and ended up in the middle of the lake, well past the power plant and quite distant from any other boats.  As we drifted, the canoe kept taking in more and more water, finally the boat sank and the four of us were floating, screaming, and blowing our whistles for help.

Unfortunately by this point we were well beyond sight and earshot  of anyone.  Desperately, we linked arms and kicked towards shore, trying to keep our heads above water as we bobbed along with the waves.  The swells were huge though, and with every wave I was forced to swallow or inhale some amount of water.  After about fifteen minutes, our prayers of rescue were answered as a motor boat on an unlikely circuit happened to notice us.

Jeff Howell and Becky, saved our lives.  In our desperation, they found us and helped us onto their boat.  With kindness, they gave the children the shirts of their backs, fed them crackers and let them know they were safe.  I cannot properly express my gratitude, but I would like to acknowledge and thank these incredible individuals for their help in my family’s dire time of need.


Brian Winters