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Cass Park Arena Enclosure Campaign supporters were hosted by coordinator Mary Grainger at the facility during the final week of the 2017-18 ice season. Ithaca Youth Bureau (IYB) Director Liz Klohmann and IYB Recreation Facilities Director Jim Dalterio also attended the gathering at Cass Park.

Grainger expressed great appreciation to the campaign donors who attended; there have been over 260 individuals and families and 31 businesses and organizations making gifts toward the Cass Park Arena Enclosure between summer 2016 and winter 2018. "Supporters of the capital project - to build a glass enclosure and install a system that will control air temperature and humidity - have shown there is community belief and passion about the proposed facility improvements," she said.

"If we consider the City of Ithaca's 2018 budget allocation of $100,000, the Tompkins County Tourism grant of $50,000, and the Incodema Inc. business challenge matching gift, the campaign has reached $400,000, not quite halfway to the $1 million goal announced in 2016," Grainger announced showing a campaign "thermometer" shaped like the arena roof.

Cass Park is owned by the City of Ithaca and managed by the IYB. The Friends of the Ithaca Youth Bureau (FIYB) independent nonprofit organization is coordinating the Cass Campaign. Mayor Svante Myrick recently stated that the City is committed to finishing the Cass Park renovations and supports the community fundraising efforts organized by the FIYB.

"By leveraging the energy and fundraising efforts of FIYB with the leadership and resources of the City and potential state funding, I am confident that the shared vision of a more sustainable, efficient and user-friendly Cass Park will become a reality," said Myrick.

"However, the reality is that the two to three-month construction phase will not occur in 2018," explained Grainger. "It is more likely to be scheduled between the end of ice season in March 2019 and June 2019 for summer camp and non-ice programming."

The 31 corporate donors have committed $90,000 toward the $100,000 matching gift challenge by Incodema. More than 250 individuals and families have made gifts totaling about $175,000; some have been in response to mailed and online appeals including Giving is Gorges and Giving Tuesday, and others were by participants in the Celebrate Cass! 45th Anniversary Party and two Enclose Cass Extravaganza events.

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