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dearmargaret A few years ago I got divorced, and ever since I've been feeling stuck. The divorce was traumatic, as I suppose they usually are, and I'm having trouble getting my footing. I was somewhat excited about starting a new life, but instead just feel like I'm spinning my wheels. I don't really know what I expected, but I think I assumed I'd have a wonderful new beginning. How can I jump start my life?
Feeling Stuck
Dear Feeling Stuck: Can you imagine how you'd feel if, while trying to heal from the trauma of your break up, you had to face a multitude of additional life changes? I might suggest that in the few years following your divorce you learned how to be independent, have hopefully begun the journey of healing, have learned many things about yourself in and out of relationship, and have experienced many life altering situations. I wouldn't call that stuck. The restlessness you are now feeling might be attributed to the fact that you've become comfortable in your newfound freedom and might be ready to take on some new challenges. What is it that you want to do but fear discomfort or failure? How can you push your own boundaries? What endeavor seems exciting to you that you're afraid to pursue because it would put you outside your comfort zone? Starting with baby steps is perfectly acceptable. Much happiness to you as you explore your limits!

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