The year 2020 has committed grave crimes against the world, and now it must be held accountable for its actions.

For six days, beginning December 26th at 7pm EST, the ElectroZone will carry out justice with the aid of an impressive list of artists including: And the Maiden / Prayer Rope / Black, MA, Anna Oxygen, Bent Noise, Billy Jackass, BioMechanical ShapeShifters, Chaka Benson, Connected Sounds, Delivery System, Dr Hamburger, Free.Space.Energy, Fuzzy bunny slippers, High Anxiety Cabaret, Human Resources, iLLEST PREACHA, Jake and the Nowhere, JEC, Jenn Taiga, Jesse & The Spirit, Josh OXford, Karl Fury, Kompyootur Muhsheen: Teenage Algorithm, Live Modular Synth Act (Mo:Raze), Medusa, Mr. Spiral, MRDRFOG, Nick Fagnilli, otodojo, Overflow, Pallid Mask, Panther Smoothie, R41ÑB0W TR4$H, Sex No Babies, Skraeling, Sofy Yuditskaya, stepwriterun, Symmetry, The Gorgonne, Tungsten Lungs, uuskhy + SIFI, VISHWANATH_GI and more!

2020 must pay! ElectroZone will bring this terrible year to end with six action packed days of music and art featuring artists from all across New York State and beyond! This event will feature a wide range of artistic styles and techniques, its purpose is to highlight the incredible variety of arts being created around us all the time, that and kill 2020.

The ElectroZone is Ithaca’s salon for electromusicians, experimenters, and misfit artists, a pop up reality devoted to the weird, the new, and the DIY.