carrington_coCloster, New Jersey – June 2013 – Carrington Farms announce the 2013 their 12-ounce pure, 100% organic, unrefined coconut oil will be sold in Wegmans and TOPS grocery stores throughout the Northeast region of the United States. The newly introduced size is now available to customers of Wegmans and TOPS in Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, and Elmira, New York as well as Sunbury, Binghamton and Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

Doctors and researchers alike recognize coconut oil as “the healthiest oil on earth” as it contains no trans or hydrogenated fats, strengthens the immune system, and contributes to an overall healthy metabolism. Carrington Farms’ new convenient container of coconut oil allows consumers to experience the healthy and delicious benefits of the highest quality coconut oil while easily incorporating it into everyday cooking as a replacement to unhealthy oils, butters and fats.

“We are excited to provide our conveniently sized 100% organic coconut oil to shoppers at Wegmans and TOPS as it provides ease of use and a more simplistic introduction to the benefits of coconut oil,” explained Debbie Shandel, Executive Vice President of Carrington Farms. “Both retailers are prominent in the Northeast region of the United States and we are excited to have one of our latest product introductions on their shelves and available to their customers.”