villageoffice2014_120The Village of Lansing election was set Monday for April 22,2014.  Two Board of Trustee seats are up this year.  John O'Neill will run for his sixth two-year term, and Gerry Monaghan is running for Julie Baker's seat.  After three terms as a trustee Baker has chosen not to run this year.

O'Neill has served as a Village Trustee for nearly ten years.  He has taken a special interest in municipal services.  He has served as a liaison to the Town of Lansing, attending nearly all the Town meetings and reporting back on them to the Trustees.  He monitors Village roads to make sure they are in compliance with State laws.  And he worked with Lansing Fire District officials on the new Oakcrest Road fire station that was recently completed.  He was also instrumental in starting the deer population control program that is now largely maintained by Trustee Lynn Leopold.

Monaghan has been active in the Community Party, canvassing and distributing petitions, and serving as a Community Party Observer.  His platform is largely in support of managing growth in the Village to protect the environment.  He favors creating a Village law to ban hydrofracking, continued implementation of the Greenway program, preservation of Village open spaces, and enhanced accessibility for disabled people.  He also wants to improve pedestrian and bicycle pathways and improve commercial areas to encourage business.

Both candidates support high quality services while maintaining a low tax rate in the Village.  Monaghan joins O'Neill in wanting to foster inter-municipal cooperation with the Town of Lansing and coordinating the Village and Town Comprehensive Plans, both of which are currently undergoing revisions.

Both Village voting districts will vote at the polls in the new Village Office Building across Triphammer Road from the Oakcrest road intersection.  The polls will be open from noon to 9pm.