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Maureen ReynoldsMaureen ReynoldsTompkins County, NY, has once again been named one of America's top digital counties by the Center for Digital Government and the National Association of Counties. The survey identifies best technology practices among counties nationwide.

After implementing Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) software in 2011, Tompkins County immediately began seeing benefits.

According to Maureen Reynolds, Tompkins County Clerk, "We wanted to be transparent for years and years. People always say that government is hiding information. It wasn't that we were hiding anything—before Laserfiche, we just couldn't find it!"

Today, Tompkins County uses Laserfiche in all 29 of its departments and 18 of its municipalities to:
  • Increase information accessibility by allowing employees to view line-of-business documents on computers and mobile devices
  • Improve turnaround times for public information requests by maintaining documents in searchable, indexed repositories
  • Protect confidential medical information in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) through file-, folder- and user-based security
  • Mitigate the risks of disasters and business disruptions through the use of geographically dispersed backup servers
  • Save the $5.5 million cost of building a new records storage facility by implementing paperless processes
"Tompkins County's use of Laserfiche as a shared service is particularly impressive," said Katie Burke, Government Program Strategist at Laserfiche. "Rather than having the different municipalities own and support their own ECM systems, each municipality uses the Laserfiche system managed by the County Clerk's Office. This has reduced support maintenance costs and allowed participating municipalities to focus their resources elsewhere."

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