mailmanIt's hard to find people to get involved in anything these days with everyone so busy. Every club we know of needs people, every volunteer fire department, every parent teacher student organization. That's why it's heartening to see four people running for school board. All want to serve to make our schools better and help our students achieve their goals. All are solid candidates, but there are only three seats, and in this year's election we'll be supporting Aaron Thompson, Susan Tabrizi, and Kristin Hopkins.

Aaron and Susan have served on the board, know the challenges facing the schools and invest a lot of themselves in these positions. We know how they view problems and while we may not always agree with them, they come to their positions with a frame of mind that wants to learn. They then put that knowledge to work addressing the issue.

Hopkins has been 'dragging' us out for parent, teacher, student events like spreading mulch at the schools and family events like bubble night for years. Now she's asking us to go vote for her; if she invests just half of the time in the school board that she did in the PTSO, it's a solid choice, but we know she'll be putting in even more time than she did as PTSO president.

We thank everyone for running for these positions. We have children that we're trying to turn into responsible adults and we can't do that without folks like these who we entrust with their education. No pay, long hours, who would want a job like that? We're thankful these people do.

Mike Sigler and Sarah Yunger
Lansing, NY