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mailmanCayuga Operating Company recently proposed construction of an 18 megawatt, 75-acre solar farm on its 434-acre site in northwest Lansing. Kudos to what would be the largest solar farm in upstate New York.

Unfortunately, the company also wants to switch its nearby coal-fired 155-megawatt plant to compressed natural gas that will be transported in 25-60 trucks a day through the local area. One step forward, many steps back. This fuel switch would keep that plant operating as a fossil fuel-powered power source for the foreseeable future. This second proposal must be rejected.

New York cannot approve power plants powered by natural (fracked) gas. Governor Cuomo told Food and Water Watch organizer Laura Shindell that he would not approve any future fracked gas plants in the future. Moving from one fossil fuel to another is not progress and should be denied under the Governor’s promise.

This proposal offers the Governor an ideal opportunity to make a strong move to 100% renewable energy by requiring all government support and funding be diverted to the expansion of the solar farm approach that is to be used nearby by this same company.

Food and Water Watch also continues to urge the Governor to join the accelerating legislative move in the New York legislature to mandate a move to renewables. It’s time for him to explicitly support the New York Off Fossil Fuels Act (NY OFF Act, A. 5105/S. 5908) to switch to 100% renewable energy in New York by 2030.

Ann H. Logan
New York, NY
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