mailmanDear Editor, crew & especially Casey,

Despite the typos, this is one of just many superb opinion pieces. I am in 100% agreement with all you have written, Casey. I wish your writings could be posted & read nationally. I take the liberty of putting them on my Facebook page although I'm sure few, if any, except my older friends (I'm 87) would bother to read. Sadly, I feel our country is lost. Where is the true patriotism of WW2 days? Where are the guts needed to stand up to this thing who calls himself commander? Love of money & power, greed, idol worship, and 'I don't care' attitude is what it's about.

Thank you always, Casey, and thank you all at Lansing Star for letting Casey put it on the line. Maybe somewhere, someone will take their blinders off and begin to stand up for those fighting for OUR country.

In all sincerity,

Fritzie Blizzard
Union Springs, NY