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cornellonhill_120The New York Association of Local Government Record Officers (NYALGRO) has honored Tompkins County with the Robert Arnold Award for Distinguished Service, recognizing the County’s achievements in developing its electronic document management system, and extending the service to other towns in Tompkins County.

NYALGRO is a non-profit organization formed to provide a network to all who are responsible for records upkeep and information for local governments.  The award was presented June 10, at the Association’s awards banquet at the Radisson Hotel in Corning.

The award recognizes the County for “demonstrating characteristics similar to that of a Regional Advisory Officer in lending expertise and assistance to other local officials in the establishment and furtherance of records management programs.”  It was directed to and accepted by Tompkins County Deputy Clerk Maureen Reynolds, Director of County Information Technology Services Greg Potter; and County Clerk/Records Management Officer Aurora R. Valenti.

“This award is for several departments and employees of Tompkins County, expending positive energy for a common goal:  to preserve history and provide valued information for the ages,” notes County Clerk Valenti.  “We are, indeed, fortunate to have people such as Maureen Reynolds and Greg Potter working to that end.  To all such individuals, I extend my thanks and sincere respect!”

In the County’s award letter, president Donna Mumbulo recognized the “hard work and diligence” demonstrated by the County and its staff to change a system by scanning paper documents for retention into an electronic records system, producing millions of dollars in savings for the County.  She added that those savings will multiply, as more towns have their documents scanned, also saving time for clerks, who can now quickly find a document electronically.

“We appreciate all your hard work in records management,” Mumbulo said.

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