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Mary June King
Thank you. Both articles on the Board Of Education meeting the other night are really great. No added subjectivity or confusion of facts, just a straight, honest presentation of the conversations as they happened. This reminds me of why I was directed to read this online paper years ago. You are a stellar operation and a wonderful example of the positive role the press can (and most of us think should) play in getting facts out to its readers.

You can quote me on that!

Sharon Butler Bowman, Lansing, NY
You are providing a wonderful resource for Lansing residents, and I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

Former Lansing School Superintendent Mark Lewis
The Lansing Star has quickly become an essential facet of life in Lansing. Most people I know view it to be their primary means of gaining insight into what's going on in our community.

Former Lansing Town Supervisor Steve Farkas, Lansing, NY
You have become a fixture in the community.

Village of Lansing Trustee Lynn Leopold, Village of Lansing, NY
I love it. I check it every week to see what's happening with the sewer, and I check the obituaries, and now I like the food column and the movies.

Jim Evans, Lansing, NY
Readers of The Lansing Star are the best informed citizens in the community. No wonder the Star keeps growing.

Lansing School Business Administrator Mary June King
When I was about to interview for my job here I spoke to my college supervisor, who was a Lansing resident. She told me that I should use the Lansing Star to get information and background on the school district. So I did. There were a great many articles and information on (Superintendent) Dr. Grimm's budget process. That's really what sold me on wanting to work here.

People are reading the Lansing Star. They know what's going on.

Ronal L. Rocco, Cortlandville Town Council member 26+ years
Your creative and interesting approach has many in Cortland County watching and wishing the best for you and your community by your efforts. Best wishes. I am an avid reader and you are on the forefront. A leader. Keep up the improvements.

Deb Meeker
Thank you for creating and faithfully producing the Lansing Star Online! The depth and variety of timely articles, the humor, etc., are something I look forward to every week.

Jim Bencivenga, Ashland, MA
I found the grassroots nature of your paper and its quality coverage of local issues a delight while I lived there and being an incurable news junky I enjoy reading the online version each week. Fosters a sense of connection to the region and my friends.

Donna Scott, Lansing, NY
The Lansing Star provides Lansing residents with a lot of in-depth local news -- information about events in Lansing that we don't hear or see in other news media. That's why I 'tune in' every Friday morning. Thanks a lot for all you do for our community!

Mindy Dahl, King Ferry, New York
Not being a resident of Lansing,The Lansing Star enables me to keep up with its growth and community events and its people. Thank you.

Harris B. Dates
As a former resident of the town of Lansing I look forward every friday to read the Lansing news. You cover all the news. The Town of Lansing, the Lansing Town Board, how they voted in the county board of representatives, the Lansing schools, etc. Thanks for the weekly news.

Vickey Beaver
The Lansing Star is the place to get information for Lansing, NY. While Lansing just gets passing mentions in other area publications, other areas get only passing mentions in the Lansing Star. From local politics to community events to highlights of Lansing businesses, the Lansing Star gives you the Lansing scoop nearly always before others and generally in greater detail.

Connie Wilcox, Lansing, NY
You provide the community with honest straight forward reporting. The first thing I look at on Friday mornings. Thanks

Matthew & Aline Shulman, Greenville, NC
There is simply no better way for former residents to maintain awareness of the evolution of our former hometown.

Ed Avery, Dameron, MD
I was born and raised in Lansing, graduate of the class of 1980. I look forward to each and every to read your columns. I frown when it happens to be one of the 4 weeks you did not produce a new Star.

Thank you for your reporting on all aspects of Lansing.

Rick Tripp, Casper, Wyoming
I have enjoyed reading articles about the area I was born and raised in. It is interesting to see and read about a community that has grown over the years.

Connie & Jim Gordon, Milton, Florida
Having left the Lansing area more than five years ago, we appreciate the information and news offered by the Lansing Star. It keeps us in touch with an area where we lived for more than 30 years, raised our children, and created many wonderful memories. Thanks for all your efforts

Pam Reeves, San Antonio, Texas
Having left Lansing over 20 years ago, I thought I would never miss it, but I do. Everything from my family, to the beautiful scenery, crickets and frogs sounding off in the night, even the smell of local farms has stayed in my memory all these years. Thank you for bringing me home, even if it's for a few minutes at a time.

Jim Horton, San Diego, CA
Left Lansing well over 30 years ago. Living in San Diego I never thought I would miss a small place like Lansing but I do. Lots of great memories, have family and friends still there and I don't get back to visit as often as I would like. The Lansing Star fills that void somewhat and I do appreciate the online versions as I look forward to every issue.