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hangar KS BackyardAdv PubRachelPhilipson 1167Left to right, ARIANA PERLSON: Ariana (Randy), EVAN BOARD: Evan (Jamey) LAUREN LEIBOWITZ: Lauren (Pat), MADELINE MATHIAS: Maddy (Bobby) Photo by Rachel Philipson

The 2018 KIDDSTUFF Summer series continues with a play by Rachel Lampert. The Amazing Tale of the Backyard Overnight Adventure was commissioned by the Hangar Theatre Company, and will be performed by The Hangar Theatre Lab Company.

In the play, a young group of friends make a pact to brave all hours of the night, against all odds, in the dangerous landscape of their own backyard! To make sure that everyone keeps their promise to stay outside, they decide they all must stay awake through the night.

To keep their senses alert, the group gets a story started that they keep adding on to...and guess what? You're a part of it too! Through interactive storytelling, audiences will be on the edge of their seats and taking roles as needed to help the troop creatively quest their way towards dawn.

Playwright Rachel Lampert served as the Artistic Director at Kitchen Theatre Company in Ithaca, NY from August 1997 until June 2017 when she retired after a successful twenty-year tenure. While at the Kitchen, Lampert headed the KTC Family Fare Series, developing the work of young writers, directors, and producers. As a playwright, Lampert's plays include Precious Nonsense, Tony & the Soprano, and The Soup Comes Last.

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