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Worship in LansingThe pastor of the West Groton Bible Church, Mark G. Broderick, told the Lansing Star that "Our Sunday School does go on all year", but acknowledged, "Each fall is a new start, though some starts just mean a new curriculum or cycle". Often referred to as "The West Groton - East Lansing Church", their 9:30 am Sunday school for all ages is now listed simply as "Bible Study". Pastor Broderick taught a special course on "Basic Christian Living” over the past summer for those still in high school, college or just starting their careers. Worship on Sundays is at 10:30 am and 6:30 pm. A Wednesday "Prayer and Share" service starts at 7 pm.

Grace Baptist Church, 519 Ridge Road, Lansing had Sunday School all summer, but this coming Sunday (September 11) is the kick off of the church year. Their new pastor, Matthew Burris, said it will be a special day, with a Continental Breakfast at 9:45 am, a "Rally Day" program in which the classes will do their "Move Ups" (youth advancing into the next age group class), followed by the regular worship service at 11 am. Sunday school is provided from the nursery all the way up to the adults. A class for college age worshippers is "Christianity and Culture".

The Asbury Assembly of God, 2978 North Triphammer Road, Lansing, also has had a 9:30 am Sunday school the year round, using the "Radiant Life" curriculum. Pastor David Quigley said they do their class "move ups" once a year, the first Sunday of September. Regular Sunday worship times are 10:40 am and 7 pm. On the 11th of September, a children's musical "King of the Jungle" will be presented at 6 pm. This church also has a Wednesday service at 7 pm.

Faith Baptist Fellowship, 1004 Auburn Road, North Lansing, has Jason Berga in its pulpit, courtesy of financial aid provided by Village Missions. Pastor Berga says the Sunday School in this very small church is held each Sunday year round and attended by all the children at once. An 11 year old is the oldest and his newborn daughter, Hannah Kate, must be the youngest. Sunday school is at 9:45 am and the worship service at 11 am. A small group of worshippers has been meeting at the Pastor's home on Wednesday nights at 7 pm for a discussion group. "We're using the book 'A Purpose Driven Life' and we're about halfway through it". He added they've been at it awhile, and it's going slowly because there's so much to talk about in each chapter.

Sunday school sign up at All Saints Catholic Church, 347 Ridge Road, Lansing will be Sunday, September 11 after Mass and during their regular coffee hour, according to Dave Lippert, Administrative Assistant. Sunday School classes for kindergarten through 8th grade start on the 18th, after the 10 am Mass or "roughly 11 am", according to Lippert. A teen group for youth in grades 9 through 12 meets every other Sunday evening.

The Sunday School sign up at Lansing United Methodist Church, 32 Brickyard
Road, Lansing may get a little sticky on September 11 "because we're serving our famous Waffles and Ice Cream brunch during registration" and Pastor William Gottschalk-Fielding hopes for plenty of chocolate on the menu. The Sunday school classes, "Come Join the Circle", were created and designed for a rotation schedule. These start on September 18, after Coffee and Conversation time.

The Reform Jewish Congregation Tikun V'or, located on the corner of Triphammer Road and Burdick Hill Road, Lansing, is still in the process of moving in to its brand new building. Naomi Wilensky, Religious School Director, doesn’t yet have a firm class schedule in place because "Most classes will still be held in the building we've been renting" adding "We hope to build a school wing in a few years."


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