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cma16brentwoodThe Village of Lansing Trustees voted unanimously Monday to extend the Human Health Services District to enlarge the grouping of medical buildings including Convenient Care off of Warren Road.  The action came after Integrated Acquisition & Development Vice President of Development and Construction Services Herman Sieverding asked the board a month ago to consider the zoning change.  Sieverding said an additional 60,000 square feet of medical-related office space in three lots of about three acres each could be added to existing buildings on the site.

"A portion of that property that was going to be developed previously cannot be effectively developed because of wetlands issues," explained Village Attorney David Dubow.  "The request was made to extend the Humand and Health Services District further into the Business and Technology District.  This was discussed both at the Planning Board and the Board of Trustees, and the Village agreed to proceed with a local law."

Dubow said that a similar extension was granted about eight years ago, which included land that was anticipated to be used for future development.  But developers say it would be difficult to get permission to develop on wetlands, so proposed new building on a portion of the property to the east of the wetlands part of the lot.  He noted that the zoning change does not imply a project is being approved.


"This is just for the zoning of the property," Dubow said.  "If they want to come in with a project, then that has to be vetted in a much more specific way with a special permit and the specifics of the project."

The board determined the new plan will have no significant environmental impact, and that traffic will be no different from that that was anticipated in the original plan.  Trustee Gerry Monaghan asked whether additional access to the site is needed for emergency vehicles.  Dubow noted that the earlier traffic study did not recommend it, and that improvements to the existing access roads allow access to emergency vehicles.

Integrated Acquisition & Development owns the development and leases to medical practices including Cayuga Medical Associates.  The board voted 4/0 to institute the zoning change.

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