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planning 120Last week Planning Consultant Michael Long provided the Lansing Town Board with a snapshot of development in the Town.  Long listed nine active development projects, that could bring 157 new dwelling units to the Town, as well as business improvements including a 2.9mw solar farm.

"We haven't had this before," said Lansing Supervisor Kathy Miller.  "Mike put a lot of work into it."

The largest project on the list is Cayuga Farms, eventually slated to include 102 rental townhouses.  The project will require its own sewage treatment, and is awaiting DEC approval and Planning Board approval of the site plan.

The Novalane project has spurred some controversy because of a potential road that will connect the East Shore Circle and East Lake neighborhoods.  Some residents have expressed concern that the connector road will encourage more traffic through their neighborhoods.  But a recent report on traffic impacts suggests that neither the Novalane nor Cayuga Farms will bring traffic near the roadways' capacities.

Phase IV of Whispering Pines will add 28 lots to the neighborhood off of Hillcrest Road.  Whispering Pines is expected to benefit from the Bone Plain Road water tank project that will increase water pressure to the neighborhood.

A 17 lot project is also planned for Forest Circle Drive, and another subdivision will result in four lots is in the hopper for a public hearing, the time to be determined after storm water plans are revised.

On the commercial side, a 3,000 square foot addition to the existing 12,200 square foot commercial building is moving forward at Advanced Design on Ridge Road.  A drive-through kiosk is also proposed for Tompkins Trust Company customers.  And a 2.9mw solar farm has been proposed by FLS Energy to be located on property owned by the cayuga Power Plant.

These projects represent the Planning Board's current agenda.  Other projects are under construction, especially around Warren Road, while still more are in the preliminary planning phases.

Miller said Long plans to provide periodic updates to the board in the future.

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