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U.S> Congressman Tom Reed offered support for executive orders which establish the White House Manufacturing Jobs Initiative and others which provide regulatory relief for US manufacturers.

"We care about bringing quality, family sustaining jobs to our region and our nation. As we stand with the American people and their dedicated 'can do' work ethic, it's only right that we partner with the Administration to get this sector of our economy on track," said Reed.

The Trump Administration announced its White House Manufacturing Jobs Initiative, which provides industry leaders a direct opportunity to discuss their challenges and opportunities with the President on a quarterly basis. The focus of these discussions will also include efforts to reshore US manufacturing jobs and expand this industry.

As the bipartisan co-chair of the House Manufacturing Caucus, Reed applauded these efforts and offered his legislative partnership throughout the process. "Listening is always the right thing to do and we look forward to partnering with the White House to get some of the legislative fixes in place to bring manufacturing jobs back from overseas."

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