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The Lansing Democratic Committee announced yesterday that Joseph Wetmore and Walaa Maharem-Horan will be candidates for Lansing Town Board in the November 2017 local election. They will challenge Republican incumbents Robert Cree and Doug Dake. Cree is running for a third term, and Dake his second.

Wetmore is a resident of North Lansing, and Maharem-Horan is a resident of South Lansing. The Tompkins County Democratic Committee says they plan to advocate for transparency in all town government affairs in order to be accountable to all members of the Lansing community. If elected, both candidates plan to build on their prior volunteer experience in Lansing and the County to promote the vitality of Lansing and support increased citizen participation in advisory capacities in order to ensure that Town Board decisions represent residents’ opinions about what is important to the future of the Lansing Community.

Among other things, Cree has been particularly active in town finances during his two terms, reviewing budgets and audits. Dake has taken on capital projects and emergency preparedness. Both have acted as Town Board liaisons to the Planning Board.

Town Board terms are four years. the two Town Councilperson seats will be the only Town of Lansing offices up for election this year. Election day is November 7th.

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