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Grant for Town Land Infrastructure

Planning Consultant Michael Long announced Wednesday that a $75,000 state grant was awarded to the Town of Lansing for materials to build infrastructure on the town land across the street from the Town ball fields.  Long said that NYS Senator Pam Helming secured the grant that will pay for road materials and other infrastructure costs to connect proposed developments with State Road 34/34B.  Long says some of the money will be used to adjust a future intersection between 34/34B and Woodsedge Drive, which will continue north to connect Cornerstone Group's Milton Meadows project and others proposed for the town land.

"The State of New York has tentatively agreed to the initial location for Cornerstone (roads), but as we add additional businesses and development patterns there, they want us to look at a traffic analysis of the entire parcel to try to figure out where the points are that come in and out," Long says.  "Cornerstone is going to pay for their part of it.  We're going to have to make some adjustments to the intersection at Woodsedge Drive.  Either we have to slide the road either to the east, or, on the south side, to the west."

The money comes from New York State's State And Municipal Facilities (SAM) program.  While the Town will have to pay for surveying and engineering costs, the grant will pay for materials provided the Town provides in-kind labor and equipment.  Helming approached Town officials to ask whether qualifying projects were anticipated, and was told the town center land projects fit the bill.

"We said yes, we had developers interested in developing the town land," he says. "It was a well-accepted package.  We have a willing highway superintendent who is great at building projects.  We just need the money for the materials."

Lansing Town Land

The NYS Department of Transportation (DOT) has issues Cornerstone Group a permit for its road contingent on the Town improving the intersection.  That makes the intersection the number one priority for the grant money.  But Long says it will pay for other things, including more road extensions, storm water ponds, and so on.

"We're going to have to make some adjustments to the intersection," he says. "But this will also give us the funds to continue what Cornerstone starts.  We are hopeful tat we get to the point where we do another section of it.  Ultimately we want to connect it with a loop, so that you come in on one side and come out, hopefully, on Route 34."

Long said that the Cornerstone (Milton Meadows) project will probably begin construction first, followed by the Tiny Timbers project and others that are currently under negotiation.  He says he hopes to get the engineering work done next Spring, and that Highway Superintendent Charlie 'Cricket' Purcell will have to approve the road specifications.  between now and then Long says he is getting the paperwork together to report specifics on the projects the money will be used for.

"We're getting prices for some survey work," he says. "We also have to do some engineering and design.  We cannot use this money for the engineering part.  it's just for materials.  We're thankful to the Senator for working hard to get this money for us."

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