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NAMM Lansing Schools Top Music program

The Lansing Central School District was named 'Best Community for Music Education' by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation for the third year in a row.  The NAMM Foundation recognizes districts and individual schools for outstanding commitment to music education.  Schools qualify after filling out an extensive survey with details about their programs, requirements, participation in music classes, amount of instruction time devoted to music, community support, and facilities.  Lansing was one of 583 school districts nation-wide to receive this honor.

"Kudos to our music department and our community," said Lansing Superintendent of Schools Chris Pettograsso. "It's a pretty extensive survey of our community and music program.  We have more offerings than many schools our size."

According to the NAMM Foundation, "Research into music education continues to demonstrate educational/cognitive and social skill benefits for children who make music. A series of landmark studies by scientists and researchers at Northwestern University found a link between students in community music programs and life-long academic success, including higher high school graduation rates and college attendance. In another study from the University, it was discovered that the benefits of early exposure to music education improves how the brain processes and assimilates sounds, a trait that lasts well into adulthood."

Lansing also had fifth highest 2017 SAT scores among the top 50 highest scoring upstate schools.  Lansing students averaged a total score of 1224, with an average Evidence-based Reading and Writing (ERW) score of 616 and average math score of 608.  Lansing was among four Tompkins County school districts to make the top 50, with Ithaca coming in at number four, Dryden achieving the 16th highest average score, and Trumansburg number 20.

"I want the public to know that the percentage of students who take the SATs has been increasing slowly in the last five years," said Lansing High School Principal Colleen Ledley. "Two or three years ago we started to offer all of our Juniors the PSAT during the school day, so they got a first crack at it.  That's been really successful.  I believe that has to do with their success on the SAT.  Having practice, and understanding this is something we expect everyone to take and try."

The average total score among New York State students is 1052, with the ERW score of 528 and an average math score of 523.  135,151 students state-wide took the SAT  in 2017, and approximately 1.7 million students took the test nation-wide.  NThe national averages were 1060 overall, with 533 ERW and 527 math averages.  Pittsford Central School District students averaged the highest scores among New York Districts.

Ledley noted that a number of Lansing students also take the ACT, as well as a number of students who apply to colleges that do not require testing.

"While I feel really honored and this is a wonderful statistic for us, there is a lot behind it and there's a lot happening with kids taking more tests, but also some kids deciding they don't need that because their portfolio is strong enough to move forward with their career plans."

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