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mailmanIt may appear as noted in the June 29th editorial that New Yorkers are less patriotic than residents of other states, especially when the number of 'active military personnel and veterans and reservists' are factored into the 'military engagement' equation.

Beginning in WWII however, southern members of Congress commenced a massive effort to shift military bases and defense industries from northern states to southern states. If you look at a map today you can see the effect of that policy. The vast majority of major US military bases are locate south of the Mason Dixon line.

New York itself has lost at least 4 major military installations in the past few decades: Seneca Army Depot, and 3 Air Force bases: Plattsburgh AFB, Griffiss AFB and Stewart AFB. (and in the 1960s, Sampson AFB, now Sampson State Park).

Our patriots have been sent South. Often too, as retirees, they have stayed in the South.
So, while many other states may well appear to be more patriotic than we New Yorkers, I think at least one of the metrics used to measure patriotism may be flawed.

George Frantz
Ithaca, NY
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