That's right, it is a real star! See if you can find it in Lansing's night sky.

Star Certificate
Star Chart
Find the Star Cards

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The Lansing Star is located in the Ursa Major constellation in the Northern sky.

  • Follow a line across the top pf the big dipper, away from the handle.
  • The next (last) two bright stars in Ursa major form the two bottom points in a pyramid.
  • Find the top of the pyramid -- that's where the Lansing Star is located.

On July 22, 2005, the date our first regular weekly issue was published, The Lansing Star Online named a star after our town. The publication officially presented the star to the Town Council on January 5, 2006. (Read The Story)

We have provided "Find the Star" cards to the town to give to residents who want to see the actual star. The cards are also being given to Lansing teachers so they can get students excited about finding stars, and especially their town's star, in the sky.

The star with the coordinates RA 8h 34m 25.01s D66° 54' 29.32" is now called "The Lansing Star." It has been registered with the International Star Registry.

We hope you will have ideas about how to get Lansing kids involved in finding our town's star, and will be able to use it to deepen their interest in astronomy. And we hope you have fun finding it in Lansing's night sky.

Town Supervisor Steve Farkas holds the Star Certificate.