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  August 22, 2014 Issue  
Lansing, New York  
Volume 10, Issue 31

postheadericon Highway Superintendent Nearly Arrested For Addressing Flooding

water_120You would think that fixing chronically flooding areas would be simple: hire an engineer to come up with a plan and implement it.  But Highway Department officials met resistance from residents this week, even to the extreme of Deputy Sheriffs appearing at Lansing Highway Superintendent Jack French's and Deputy Superintendent Charlie Purcell's homes to arrest them for trespassing on a property in the Autumn Ridge neighborhood.  Email sent to French by homeowners revealed a contentious neighborhood, half of whom want flood mitigation, and the other half opposing it.

"They don't have water in their basement and they don't care about their neighbors," French told the Board.  "One complained his trees wouldn't get water in his back yard.  He sent legal notice by UPS that if his trees die and one falls on his house he will sue the Town.  Another woman sent the Sheriff to my house and my deputy's house to have us and everybody else who was there that night arrested for walking on her property."

flood_rogues1Flooding continued to be bad yesterday at the intersection of East Shore Drive and 34B (photo by Karen Veaner)

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postheadericon Village Considers Firearms and Bow Safety Law Changes

bowhunter1_120Village of Lansing Trustees set a public hearing for September 15th for the public to weigh in on adjustments to its firearms and bow safety law.  The Village has held a deer population control hunt each year since 2007.  If passed the law will make it easier to manage the official hunt.  Mayor Donald Hartill said the law will also bring Village code in line with changes in State hunting law.

"That avoids the drama we periodically have trying to get everybody on board," Hartill said.  "This is a way of easing that.  It also takes considerable load off of (Village hunt organizer Bernd Blossey)."

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postheadericon Lansing Addresses Emergency Preparedness

hwd_garages120After a storm that left 3,508 Town of Lansing and 626 Village of Lansing NYSEG customers in the dark last month,  Highway Superintendent Jack French told the Town Board that Lansing was not prepared for disasters, and was lucky that the absence of a disaster preparedness plan did not result in more property damage, or in injuries or death.  French said that a power outage at the Highway Department meant that gasoline for emergency vehicles including fire and EMT vehicles could not be pumped, electric doors could not be operated, Highway Department radios were ineffective for eight to ten hours.  Wednesday the Board approved the purchase of a generator and four hand-held emergency radios Wednesday.

"The generator will kick on automatically as soon as the electric service goes out," French says.  "The natural gas will kick the generator on automatically within ten seconds of the electric going out.  It allows us to keep pumping gas and to get our doors open."

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postheadericon Fire Department Golf Supports Volunteerism

golfgreen120No green jackets. No whispering announcers. No pressure. Just a fun day of golf.  August 30th the Lansing Fire Department will hold its 18th annual Joe 'Diddy' Joseph golf tournament.  The tournament is the department's primary fundraising event to fund the Joe Joseph Award, a scholarship given to a graduating Lansing senior each year to encourage volunteerism.

"The proceeds go to support a Lansing High School senior who has exhibited outstanding volunteerism in our community, preferably in the areas of rescue or fire service," says organizer Frank Towner.  "It's a $1,000 scholarship to college.  The money from the golf tournament goes into a pot and we give that money out every year."

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postheadericon Goose Poop Threatens Myers Park Attendance

goose120Myers Park is not only popular with people.  It is also popular with geese.  The major difference is that when people have to go to the bathroom, they... well, they go to the bathroom.  Park Superintendent Steve Colt told the Lansing Town Board Wednesday that goose excrement is getting out of control, making parts of the park un-walkable and possibly creating a health hazard.

"The biggest problem we have in the park right now is Canadian Geese," he said. "It's a real strange situation.  These are birds that stay here year 'round.  They hatch young that imprint on the area.  They're not leaving and they like the park as much as the people do."

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postheadericon CDC Contributes $22K To Lansing Schools

computerwoman1The Corporate Development Committee(CDC) of Lansing presented a $22,000 donation to the Lansing Central School District (LCSD) at last week’s Board Of Education meeting. The donation was made possible by the proceeds from the annual CDC fundraiser. The most recent fundraiser included a fun 80’s dance party, silent auction and corporate donations. The sole purpose of the CDC and it’s donations to the LCSD, are to support and further the educational opportunities of Lansing students by providing equipment and technology to the school district.

“We are thrilled with the growing partnership between the CDC and the LCSD,” said CDC President and Lansing parent, Stephanie Perine. “We continue to look into the future for additional opportunities to make contributions that can benefit all Lansing students.”

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postheadericon Lindberg Named Wells Director of Athletics

wellsAurora, N.Y. – Following a nationwide search, Wells College has hired Michael Lindberg as the Director of Athletics, Provost and Dean of the College Dr. Cindy Speaker announced Thursday afternoon. Lindberg currently serves as the Associate Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at Ithaca College where he has served various roles dating back to 1986.

"We are delighted to have Mike join the Wells community as our new Director of Athletics," said Speaker. "I believe his vast experience in intercollegiate athletics will allow us to build on our foundation and take the athletic program to the next phase of growth, competitive success, and community development. I know that he is committed to the preparation of students for success in college and life. I am confident that under Mike's leadership we will be able to ensure quality experiences for our student athletes and the entire Wells community."

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