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The Town of Lansing was formed in 1817. Enjoy these fun facts about Lansing:

When the North family migrated west to Michigan, they named their new town Lansing, after their home town in New York
There used to be more than 20 schools in Lansing, and some still exist today, though not as active school houses.
The waterfall at Ludlowville Park was used as a backdrop by Wharton Studios in silent movies
The Watchtower Bible College of Gilead trained Jehovah's Witnesses missionaries in Lansing from 1942 until the 1970s when it moved to New York City
The Village of Lansing elections take place in April. Town elections are in November
The Town of Lansing was named  in 1817 after a respected Supreme Court Judge of the time, John Lansing
The Town of Lansing formed in 1817 when Tompkins County was formed
The North Log Cabin, originally built in 1791, is the oldest surviving building in Tompkins and Cayuga Counties. It was originally built west of Conlon Road near the end of Searles Road. It was reassembled in Myers Park in 2009.
The Lansing Sports Hall of Fame, located in Lansing High School, honors individual and team players from Lansing history
The Lansing Bobcats were named in the 1950s when Linda Philip, now Linda Strauf who owns Linda's Diner, won a contest to rename the Lansing Trojans

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