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colucci120Paul Colucci's show “Sculptural Objects”, opens Wednesday, August 6th and runs through through Sunday, August 31st at The Gallery at FOUND.

For almost thirty years Paul Colucci has been immersed in a creative process that is tangible, yet fragile and elusive. The process starts with the beauty seen in the old weathered objects that have been a part of his life since his childhood in upstate New York.

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Dr. Saber S. Poder

REASON: The Center for English as a First Language is raising money for a Redundancy Unit. A selection of our staff will specialize in the psychological roots of this widespread malady, so we can treat it more effectively.

One of the many symptoms of compulsive redundancy is the inability to use reason as a noun by itself. For centuries, speakers and writers have wanted to know the reason why when all they’ve needed to know is the reason.

Even clumsier, the reason is because has both amused and sickened English teachers for many careers.

It can get even worse. The truly unthinking are capable the the reason why is because. These unfortunates also commit howlers such as all alone by myself. Yeah, solitarily. With no one else.

The reason they don't use English as if it were their first language is that they don't hear themselves, not even at 11 A.M. in the morning, when they should be awake and alert.


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Jim Bencivenga

I found the grassroots nature of your paper and its quality coverage of local issues a delight while I lived there and being an incurable news junky I enjoy reading the online version each week. Fosters a sense of connection to the region and my friends.
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