civic divide

Civic Ensemble presents The Class Divide which observes the traditional mainstream public school education system through the lens of six high school students, their parents, and faculty, as they approach graduation day. The play begins on the high school seniors' special day and looks back on seminal moments of their education that has shaped their various imminent and rather uncertain futures.

The Class Divide deepens the conversation started in On the Corner, Civic Ensemble's 2015 community-based play about the origin of race in the United States. While On the Corner investigated race, class, and the origin of race in the United States, The Class Divide looks at how our current schooling system prepare students for lives of purpose and fulfillment. Longtime Civic participant Rachel Gould explained, "After watching my son go from an enthusiastic kindergartener to an uninterested, unmotivated, and unhappy 4th grader over the past few years, I find myself profoundly disappointed in his educational experiences so far. Working with Civic Ensemble and others in the community on this topic has been an excellent way to explore the many questions related to education, including "What are we doing wrong?" and "How can we do better?"