mac OS and iOSLast week iOS 10 arrived on a Wednesday, and only one day later it was already on 14% of devices.  That is pretty impressive when you consider that Apple celebrated the billionth iPhone sale last July.  As of Monday iOS 10 had been installed on over 34% of devices.  macOS Sierra  launched around 1:40pm Tuesday afternoon (EDT).  As always, your intrepid reporter was one of the first to download and install them both.

Apple is known for inter-connectivity among devices, so my expectation was that macOS would go all the way to integrate with iOS devices.  But it seems like the two programming groups didn't even share a lunchroom.  The Mac team didn't seem to be much interested in much besides Siri (Apple's voice assistant), while all the fun programmers seem to have been assigned to the mobile OS this time around.  Siri is big news in macOS, but it is old news in iOS.  So even if you are a big Siri fan, having her on your computer, while undeniably useful, feels like a bit of a yawn.