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Review - iPhone 6 Plus -- Too Big Or Phabulous?


Review - iPhone 6 Plus -- Too Big Or Phabulous?


i6p 120All the hype and all the chatter about the iPhone 6 Plus obscures common sense.  Is it too big to carry?  Could it replace an iPad?  Is it even usable?  The bottom line is that if you have a big telephone it's going to be easy to use and clumsy to carry.  It doesn't take too many brains to figure that out.

Because the wait was so long from the time I ordered my new phone to a month later when it finally arrived, I started worrying that I would not like it when it finally arrived.  I read all the reviews.  I held a full-size paper cut out of the phone in my hand.  I constantly reminded myself of the reasons I wanted a much bigger phone.  And I told myself that just because the very idea of a word like 'phablet' (phone-tablet) disgusts me, it doesn't mean I wouldn't like my new phone.

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