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Tech Review - Sceptre 20" LED Monitor


Tech Review - Sceptre 20" LED Monitor


Spectre 19.5”  MonitorA few weeks ago I reviewed the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Computer, a $99 Windows 10 computer that is the size of an iPhone 6-Plus.  Its performance exceeded my expectations, so I wanted to be able to use it with a full screen, rather than cobbing it to my iPad mini.  But I didn't want to spend a lot.  After all, I had spent under $100 for the computer itself, so I would feel foolish paying more than that for a monitor.

The Kangaroo doesn't have a sound jack, so the only way to get sound out of it is through its HDMI port.  That meant I wanted a monitor with HDMI capability and speakers built in.  At first I thought I was out of luck.  It didn't look like I was going to find anything under $200.  Then I happened on the site, where they were selling a Sceptre 20 inch HDMI-able LED monitor for $67.  Now, I have bought cheap monitors in the past, though never this cheap.  And my experience has been that you generally get what you pay for.  But what the heck... why not try it for $67.  I'm glad I did.

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