Brigham Young grew up in Lansing, attending the Drake schoolhouse.  His mother is buried in White Settlement Cemetery on Dates Rd.
Ludlowville was a commercial center with sawmills, gristmills, a store, post office, and churches
When the North family migrated west to Michigan, they named their new town Lansing, after their home town in New York
The Town of Lansing was named  in 1817 after a respected Supreme Court Judge of the time, John Lansing
The Hillcrest area was originally known as Bean Hill
Esty's, where the former Greystone Restaurant was located, was originally called Forest City
Lansing Station began in 1829 as a ferry landing that went to Frog's Point (now Camp Barton) on the west side of Cayuga Lake
Ludlowville was originally settled by Silas, Henry, and Thomas Ludlow in 1791
Lansingville was originally known as Teetertown
Rogue's Harbor Inn was built in 1830 by Samuel Kelsey for General D.D. Minier
There used to be more than 20 schools in Lansing, and some still exist today, though not as active school houses.
Lansing has a town historian, with an office in the Town Records building near the Town Hall
The Lansing Sports Hall of Fame, located in Lansing High School, honors individual and team players from Lansing history
Actor Tim DeKay, who stars in White Collar is from Lansing.
The North Log Cabin, originally built in 1791, is the oldest surviving building in Tompkins and Cayuga Counties. It was originally built west of Conlon Road near the end of Searles Road. It was reassembled in Myers Park in 2009.