postheadericon Town Continues To Address Emergency Preparedness

electricpole120The Lansing Town Board voted to authorize a multi-jurisdictional all-hazard mitigation plan Monday.  Federal regulations require the adoption of such a plan, which was prepared by the Tompkins County Planning Department.  But the Town was not prepared to officially recognize an Emergency Preparedness Committee.  Town Supervisor Kathy Miller said she has yet to solicit representation on the committee from the School and Fire Districts before the Town Board officially appoints the committee.

"We have a number of other people who have agreed to be on the committee," she said.  "We really need someone from the school district, and I need to ask someone from the fire department.  As soon as we get those people on board we will recognize the committee."

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postheadericon Village Reduces Bowhunting Setback

villageoffice2014_120There was resistance to an amendment to the Village of Lansing Firearm and Bow Safety law at a public hearing Monday, before Trustees passed the law.  Cayuga Heights Road resident Lowell Garner took issue with a change that reduces the distance hunters must remain from a residence from 500 feet to 150 feet.

"My house is nowhere near 150 feet from any of my property lines," Garner said.  "Yet I have full ability to walk my land, which means that hunters can be right at the property line and hunt legally.  The Village has solicited property owners near me for hunting.  150 feet doesn't work for me in terms of being able to have full use of my property, go where I want to go, walk in the woods with my dog or my granddaughter."

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postheadericon Town Requests Triphammer Speed Reduction - Again

45mphOnce you go north of the Village of Lansing on Triphammer Road, the state speed limit of 55 miles per hour applies until you get to Peruville Road (34B).  The Lansing Town Board voted to support a petition by residents of the strip between Asbury and Peruville Roads to lower the speed limit to 45mph, and to request that the NYS Department oOf transportation (DOT) conduct a traffic study.

The strip of Triphammer Road in question is more densely populated than the rest of the rural road.  Town Clerk Debbie Crandall noted that this is not the first time they have tried to lower the speed limit.  She said she has records of several petitions going back to 1998.

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postheadericon Gulf Creek Culvert Installed

culvert_120An enormous culvert on Triphammer Terrace is in the ground, awaiting final paving.  Highway Superintendent Jack French said Wednesday the culvert is now covered with gravel and the road will be paved in two or three weeks. 

"The Highway Department is doing a great job," said Councilman Ed LaVigne.  "They are saving the Lansing Taxpayers a tremendous amount of money.  I think they saved us about $200,000 just in labor."

culvert_lavigneCouncilman Ed LaVigne standing on top of the Triphammer terrace culvert. (Photo courtesy of Ed LaVigne)

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postheadericon County Legislature Highlights

tc_leg120Legislature Accepts Jail Alternatives Report
The Legislature accepted the report of the Jail Alternatives Task Force, as presented last month.  The report, the result of nearly half-a-year of in-depth review, recommends additional measures that could be employed to safely and prudently reduce the population of the Tompkins County Jail.  Despite numerous positive comments about the report itself and appreciation for the work and dedication of Task Force members over many months, debate centered on the phrase indicating endorsement of the report, and after considerable discussion, the resolution passed—with the endorsement phrase included—but by a split 9-5 vote.

As part of the report, the Task Force recommends near-term actions, including restoring one staff position to Opportunities, Alternatives, and Resources (OAR) to return it to three full-time Client Service Workers, which would allow OAR to provide low-bail assistance to additional inmates, and to provide additional re-entry and case management assistance.  Several legislators—among them, budget committee chair Jim Dennis—objected that calls upon the County Administrator to include an item in the budget, indicates support outside the proper procedure for the budget and may improperly influence the budget. Legislator Martha Robertson said she felt strongly that the word “endorse” implies a pre-judgment about a budget line for a full-time staff person, and she does not want to be committed to that decision at present.

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postheadericon Nozzolio Calls for Immediate Action on Violent Felons

albany2_120New York State Senator Mike Nozzolio called for immediate action Monday to change current law and policy, in light of recent horrific acts of violence in Rochester, and renewed his commitment to enacting tougher sentencing laws and more severe punishment for violent felons.

“As the State Senator representing the Greater Finger Lakes region, as well as Chairman of the Senate Codes Committee,  I am truly saddened by two recent, heinous violent crimes that took place in  Rochester.  The fatal shooting of Rochester Police Officer Daryl Pierson and the rape and sexual assault of a teenage girl are crimes that make us, as a community, stop, take notice, and realize much more must be done to protect the public”, said Nozzolio.  “Especially disturbing about these violent crimes is the fact the alleged perpetrators each had a history of violent crime, and both were just released on parole from State prison,” Nozzolio continued.

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postheadericon Law Enforcement Agencies Agree To Improve Sex Offender Monitoring

albany3_120Local law enforcement agencies are not always taking immediate action when notified that convicted sex offenders have failed to comply with the state’s Sex Offender Registry Act, according to an audit issued today by State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli. As a result, the state’s Registry is not always accurate and up-to-date.

“The sex offender registry is designed to warn residents and local officials of possible threats in their community, but it only works if it is kept current. The failure to monitor even one sex offender could lead to serious consequences,” said DiNapoli. “Although local law enforcement departments may have limited resources and this is often a difficult task, more must be done to improve procedures and keep residents properly informed. Fortunately, many of these agencies have indicated they have taken immediate steps to address the concerns raised in this audit.”

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postheadericon Manufacturing Bill Passes House

capitalbuilding_120Tom Reed’s Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act, or “RAMI,” passed the House today with a strong showing of support from Members on both sides of the aisle. Reed has been a tireless advocate for U.S. manufacturing through his bill to create manufacturing innovation hubs across the country and has spent the last year meeting with district manufacturers for input and educating Members of Congress on the need to stay on the cutting edge of manufacturing in America.

“We’re thrilled to have such overwhelming bipartisan support for our bill to create high-tech, high-paying manufacturing jobs for Americans,” Tom Reed said. “These are the kinds of jobs that will give generations to come the opportunity to create and innovate right here at home – not across the ocean. I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together with my colleagues Rep. Joe Kennedy and Senators Roy Blunt and Sherrod Brown. Our shared vision sets the stage for an American manufacturing renaissance and will position the United States in the best way possible to be the world leader in advanced manufacturing. In this economy, Americans need something to come together on, something to unite around to fight for jobs. RAMI is that uniting initiative.”

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