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Station 4The next time you visit the North Lansing Fire Station -- Station 4 -- you're in for a treat.  A $343,000 capital improvement project has brought many improvements to the building that will make North Lansing Auxiliary pancake breakfasts and their famous Election Day Dinner and Supper even better than they were before.  North Lansing Auxiliary Treasurer Connie Wilcox says the improvements will mean a lot less waiting to be seated for meals.

"We only had room for three rows of tables in order for the waitresses to be able to move through and seat everyone comfortably," she says.  "But with changes that have been made we can now have four rows of tables in here.  That is going to be great for election day, because we won't have people standing in line waiting because we don't have enough seating."

The large dining room has had a complete makeover, not only making room for more tables, but improving lighting and adding ceiling fans.  A long counter runs along the back wall, with a sink and electricity so that coffee can be brewed and served without having to haul it in from the kitchen.  There is ample space to display Rada cutlery the Auxiliary sells, and Wilcox says there is more space to display it at one end of the large dining room.

Station 4The fire station has been fitted with a spacious new vestibule

Station 4Most of the kitchen remains the same, but new counters, cabinets and a safety hood have been installed

The small dining room still has three rows of tables, to allow space for the pie cutters.  The kitchen itself has new counters, stainless steel cabinets and a new oven hood with an Ansul system that automatically puts out a fire if one starts.  A large vestibule with heating and air conditioning has been added to the front of the building, replacing the old entrances.  Sidewalks have been improved and a new lighted sign will be installed.

"We're probably going to put the ticket sales in the vestibule because it's so spacious," Wilcox says.  "People won't be waiting out in the elements.  We can put chairs along the wall during elections.  The original door that went into the bay is still there.  That's what the firemen will use to get into the trucks when they need to, and it will still be used for voting."

The North Lansing Auxiliary maintains the North Lansing Fire Station as well as raising money every year for a myriad of local causes.  Volunteers served 208 dinners and 332 suppers last year, raising $2887.31.  The Auxiliary spent $1197 on gifts and food for a Salvation Army Christmas family that included seven children under age 12.  Donations were also made to the Genoa and Lansing Food Pantries and the Foodbank of the Southern Tier.  In March a Pancake breakfast raised $1327.29 for SADD and the Lansing High School After-Prom Party.  After expenses, about 90% every dollar raised at Auxiliary events goes back to the community.

Wilcox said the construction project was finished on time and under budget, and had nothing but praise for the contractors and fire commissioners.  She says the commissioners were very generous in spending some of that savings to replace aging tables and chairs.

Station 4The large diningroom now fits four rows of tables, and it is lned with new counters and cabinets

Station 4The small dining room has also been spruced up

"They bought us new tables and chairs , because we did have some extra money from the original budget," she says.  "They were very generous to us.  We are very appreciative of all the things the commissioners have done.  They've made this a stellar project."

To show their appreciation the Auxiliary is hosting a VIP luncheon Sunday, September 27th, after which the public will be invited at 2pm to the official ribbon cutting and to see the new facility.  Refreshments will be served.

"Not only did the project come in under budget, but it was finished on time," Wilcox says.  "That means the the October 18th pancake breakfast, the first event of the season, will go on as scheduled.  It's going to be much easier to work in here.  We're all excited about it.  It's been a while in the making.  There were a few bumps along the road, but we finally got it done."

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