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wellsAurora, New York—Wells College has added a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and a Bachelor of Arts in biological and chemical sciences to program offerings, increasing the options available to students who are interested in careers in the sciences. Each new major, built on current offerings and strengths, was developed to respond to students' professional goals and interests and allows for a more intentional path from college to careers. The programs were recently approved by New York State and are now available to students.

"Many of our students would like to pair a major such as biology with a minor in a more applied field but doing so would reduce the number of liberal arts and sciences credits they can earn which affects their ability to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree," said Provost and Dean of the College Cindy Speaker. "We've been examining the ways that our programs, whether taken independently or alongside of other disciplines, give students a set of skills or prepare them for a career in a certain way. It's important to us and to students that we give them the right preparation in the right way. This Bachelor of Science degree will help us achieve that goal."

The new major program in biological and chemical sciences is designed for students who are looking for breadth in the sciences and who may not be planning to immediately follow the Wells degree with focused graduate study in chemistry or biology. It allows for a broader undergraduate track that will prepare students for work as, for example, veterinary technicians or laboratory assistants. It will also appeal to transfer students who have already earned an associate degree in biology or chemistry from a community college.

Both options are now available to current and incoming students. Those who are interested are encouraged to speak with faculty advisors about what option will suit their academic interests and professional goals.

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