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senecalake Anneke Walsh van RossumAnneke Walsh van Rossum
Seneca Lake Guardian has selected its first annual scholarship recipient to honor renowned environmental attorney, Deborah Goldberg, upon the announcement of her retirement.  Anneke Walsh van Rossum, an Ithaca College graduate, was chosen by Seneca Lake Guardian Board members after careful consideration of all applicants for the scholarship.

"Right now we have the right to free speech but not to clean water or air – it's mind boggling but true," said van Rossum. "I have spent my life thinking about, and caring for our natural world. As an adult, I have chosen to pursue a career in environmental law so I can grow and strengthen the skills I need to advocate for our planet. While there are millions of ways to advocate for our Earth, for me the law is the best way to claim and defend the rights of people and nature for both present and future generations," she added. 

van Rossum will be attending Vermont Law School this Fall where she will be pursuing her Juris Doctor (JD)/LLM degree in environmental law. The LLM degree is an advanced law certification that has global credibility.

"Now more than ever, environmental experts, lawyers, and communities need to work together to protect and preserve our rights to clean air, water, and soil," said Yvonne Taylor, Vice President of Seneca Lake Guardian. "We trust that Anneke's pursuits will lead her on a very successful path, and encourage her to stay in touch with us as she embarks on her career."

The Deborah Goldberg Environmental Stewardship Scholarship will be awarded annually to an individual who is pursuing a career in Environmental Law. This year, the amount is $1,000. However, the scholarship award may vary on an annual basis depending on donations and grants made toward this endeavor.

"While the amount may be small, our sentiment and honor in sharing this with Anneke is great," said Joseph Campbell, President of Seneca Lake Guardian. "Deborah Goldberg is one of the finest environmental attorneys in the world, and we wish Ms. van Rossum every opportunity to follow in her footsteps."

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