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Source: WalletHub

New York ranked squarely in the middle of politically engaged states in a new Wallethub analysis, ranking 23rd of the 50 states. The state ranked 47th lowest in percent of registered voters in 2016 presidential election, 40th in the percent of the electorate who voted in 2018 midterm elections, and 43rd in the percent of the electorate who voted in 2016 presidential election. But New York ranked number one in total political contributions per adult population.

The analysis found that blue states are more politically engaged than red states with an average ranking of 18.2 for blue states, and 30.37 for red, where a lower number indicates more political engagement.

Maine was the number 1 state in political engagement, followed by Washington, Colorado, Maryland, and Wyoming. Hawaii ranked on the bottom as least politically engaged, followed by Mississippi, New Mexico, Alabama, and West Virginia.

Maine, Mississippi, Wisconsin, New Hampshire were the five states with the highest voter registration in the last presidential election. Maine was #1 again with the highest percentage of 2018 midterm election voters, and in the percentage of voters in the 2016 presidential election.

New York tied for 1st place for the highest total political contributions per adult population, with Virginia, Massachusetts, and Wyoming. New York ranked 31st in the percentage change of the electorate who actually voted in the 2016 Elections versus the 2012 elections.

The state also ranked 20th in civic education engagement, and 35th in voter accessibility policies. New York voters aged 18-24 ranked 31, and aged 65+ 42 in political engagement (again, with the lower number indicating more political engagement.

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