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Senator Pam Helming announced that 85 residents of the 54th District have been nominated for the New York State Senate Veterans Hall of Fame.

“One of my greatest honors as a State Senator is to recognize the men and women who have served with honor and distinction in the United States Armed Forces,” said Helming. “I am indebted to our veterans for their dedicated service to our country and our communities, and I am proud to recognize these honorees of the 2021 Veterans Hall of Fame. Thank you to the families and friends who took the time to nominate them and share their incredible stories.”

Helming’s father was a U.S. Air Force veteran who worked as an airplane mechanic during the Korean War. He trained at Sampson Air Force Base. Her son-in-law completed several deployments as a U.S. Army Green Beret.

All nominees in Helming’s district receive due recognition as Veterans Hall of Fame honorees. One individual will be selected as the 2021 inductee of the New York State Senate Veterans Hall of Fame for the 54th District.

Biographies of each Veterans Hall of Fame honoree are on Senator Helming’s website at

The Veterans Hall of Fame honorees from the 54th District are:

Cayuga County & Tompkins County
Frederick A. Allen (Auburn); Anthony Martin DeFasio (Auburn); Edward D. Laraway (Auburn); Blair MacDonald (Groton); Karen A. Macier (Auburn); Louis F. Patti (Auburn); Ernesto E. Rivera (Auburn); Jerome P. Rizzo (Lansing); Mark A. Wilmot (Aurora)

Ontario County
Ralph J. Adams (Clifton Springs); James D. Allen Jr. (Geneva); John C. Bennett (Canandaigua); John C. Bryan (Canandaigua); Vincent J. Crudele (Canandaigua); Ronald J. DeYulio (Geneva); Rodney L. Dutton (Canandaigua); William J. Eddinger (Canandaigua); Jason Frost (Clifton Springs); Frederick H. Goodnow (Canandaigua); Lloyd M. Griffin Jr. (Shortsville); George E. Herren (Canandaigua); Walter F. Hill (Canandaigua); Donald H. Lincoln (Canandaigua); Matthew S. Martin (Canandaigua); Anthony Muscolino (Manchester); James F. Reidy Jr. (Geneva); Timothy G. Riley (Canandaigua); John Schlesing (Farmington); Michael Tucker (Canandaigua); John Vesco (Clifton Springs); Russell E. Wixson (Farmington)

Seneca County
Dan Acquilano (Waterloo); David Benedict (Waterloo); Garld A. Bennett (Waterloo); Wayne L. Campbell (Waterloo); Melvin J. Creswell (Ovid); Gerardo Diaz (Waterloo); Richard H. Houseworth (Covert); James T. Hughes (Waterloo); Richard C. Laude (Seneca Falls); Thomas J. Lewis Jr. (Waterloo); Edwin G. Nelson (Waterloo); Charles Nightingale (Waterloo); John D. Nolander (Fayette); Vincent Piscitelli (Seneca Falls); Thomas D. Rapalee (Interlaken); Michael Sinicropi (Seneca Falls); Eric T. Sloughter Jr. (Ovid); Edward J. Walawender (Ovid)

Wayne County
Lester G. Bartley (Lyons); Chris Bach (Palmyra); John C. Burton (Lyons); James Chatfield (Wolcott); Donald A. Dohse Jr. (Macedon); John T. Ellwood (Clyde); George F. Gushue (Sodus); Derek M. Hasbrouck (Newark); Robert Heintzelman (Ontario); Earl R. Hinkson (Macedon); James D. Hoffman (Williamson); Trevor Johnson (Marion); Peter Karekos (Newark); John Kuhn Jr. (Lyons); Edward J. Lennon (Palmyra); James E. Lennon (Palmyra); Brian D. Manktelow (Lyons); John R. Marsh (Newark); Renee Maybee (Ontario); Floyd McGovern (Newark); Phillip McTigue (Ontario); Larry D. Metcalf (Savannah); William J. Shaver (Ontario); Peter Stirpe (Lyons); Francis Viehmann (Sodus)

Monroe County - Webster
James Barringer; Ross Catalano; Donald E. Haag; Kenneth R. Kampff; Peter J. Kaulback; Edward G. Legler; Ignatius Donald Matina; John M. Pastalenic; Russell N. Schneider; Christopher Tumminelli; Ross J. Willink

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