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trimathlon_120Mathnasium hosted its second annual National TriMathlon on the weekend of September 29th and 30th, 2012 at more than 170 participating centers across the United States. Mathnasium of Ithaca hosted the math competition at its learning center location on September 29th, 2012. Students from across the region registered for the free event and had over 35 students in third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades attending public, private, or home school participate.  The event created excitement about math among area students and schools.

The TriMathlon consisted of three challenges:  The Counting Game (tests student’s ability to count from any number, to any number, by any number), Magic Squares (students are awarded points for developing their own math problems), and Mental Math Workout (evaluates student’s Number Sense by asking them to solve given problems the ‘smart’ way without pencil and paper). Questions become progressively more difficult for students in higher grade levels.

Students first competed locally at Mathnasium of Ithaca.  Along with medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, each participant will receive a certificate of achievement for their involvement. National TriMathlon winners will be selected from the top three scorers in each grade level from all participating Mathnasium locations.  The 12 national winners will receive honors and split $10,000 in cash prizes.

Our local TriMathlon Medal winners are:

3rd Grade. Nathan Smith (South Hill, ICSD)~ Gold; Jeffrey Carmichael (Millard Fillmore, MCSD) ~ Silver, Nina Berry-Lofthouse (Beverly J. Martin, ICSD) ~ Bronze

4th Grade. Diva Shrivastava (R.C. Buckley, LCSD) ~ Gold, Donovan Kuo (South Hill, ICSD) ~ Silver, Andrew Lim (Northeast)

5th Grade. Mae Conuel (Fall Creek, ICSD) ~ Gold, Catalina Zaloj (Lansing Middle, LCSD) ~ Silver and Liana Raguso (Belle Sherman, ICSD) ~ Bronze.


6th Grade. Justin Tan (Boynton Middle, ICSD) ~ Gold, Erik Goehler (Lansing Middle, LCSD) ~ Silver and Ishika Gupta (Lansing Middle, LCSD) ~ Bronze

“Mathnasium’s National TriMathlon has been an ideal opportunity for us to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of math students in each of these grade levels,” says Ewan Barr, Owner of Mathnasium of Ithaca. “Each challenge tested a different facet of students’ analytical and computational abilities. We are extremely happy this event generated excitement about math education among surrounding area students and schools.” Barr went on to say “These kids had a blast and loved the challenge each of these math games gave them.”

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