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hangar doodleJordan Sledd (Reno) on left, Marco Muñoz (Doodle) on right. Photo by Rachel Philipson

The Summer KIDDSTUFF series at the Hangar Theatre continues with The Transition of Doodle Pequeño running July 12 to 14, written by Gabriel Jason Dean, directed by Hangar Drama League Directing Fellow Kyle Haden, and performed by the Hangar Theatre's Lab Company.

During Halloween in Southern California, audiences will meet Doodle Pequeño and his imaginary goat, Valencia; the only person who keeps him company. As he makes the shift into a new environment after moving from the East Side, Doodle meets Reno and the two boys become friends while learning difference is to be celebrated.

In a note from the author, Dean says Doodle Pequeño had challenged him more than any of the adult plays he has published. While friendship and gender identity are obvious themes of this story, Dean wants young audiences to examine language and realize the power of words in which they have the power to enslave and destroy. However, "When examined with open hearts, those same words possess the ability to free and restore us."

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