airport_towerThe Transportation, Housing and Urban Development – or THUD – appropriations bill passed in the House Tuesday fully funds the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport contract tower. The local tower, scheduled to close last year, will stay open for 2015 with Congressman Tom Reed’s efforts in the House-passed bill.

“Under our bill, the Ithaca airport contract tower will remain open without the threat of funding cuts,” Reed said. “The Ithaca tower is critically important to keeping the airport and flying public safe and I’m proud to say we’ve protected this vital link in the area’s economy. Whether it’s students utilizing the airport to access campus, employees traveling for business or family members visiting relatives, this bill ensure we provide the support the airport needs to keep running safely and smoothly.”

Reed made a strong case for the Ithaca contract tower last year to prevent its listed closure and made a renewed push to prioritize support for the local tower in this year’s appropriations process. Under the House-passed appropriations bill, contract towers across the country will be fully funded to ensure safer skies and help prevent delays.