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myersentrance 120The Lansing Town Board approved fee changes for the Parks and Recreation Department and the Codes Department Wednesday.  The entry fee for non-residents to visit Myers Park will go up by one dollar per visit, and subdivision and building permit fees have been restructured.  Deputy Supervisor Sharon Bowman said the Parks and Rec Department is also working on a season pass for non-residents who regularly visit the park.

"They're working on coming up with a season pass to Myers Park for non-residents," she said.  "Instead of having to pay $4 per entrance they would have a season pass.  They are wrestling with what that might cost, whether is should be $30 for the season or $40."

Myers Park is arguably the crown jewel of Lansing.  The 24 acre park is immaculately groomed and offers everything from playgrounds for children to camping, a newly refurbished marina with a boat launch in a prime spot on Cayuga Lake, swimming, the oldest log cabin in Tompkins or Cayuga Counties, seven pavilions available to rent for parties and events, a band stand, kayak and canoe racks, festivals and celebrations and a summer concert series.  

Entry for residents is free, but non-residents have been charged $3 per car.  That admission fee will be going up to $4 this summer.  Bowman says the final pricing for a season pass is not yet set.  She says it is being discussed because of consumer demand.

"The reason they're considering a season pass is that there is a number of people who take their children there several times per week," Bowman said.  "They don't reside in the Town.  They must have come to (Park Superintendent Steve Colt) last season and said they don't mind paying a fee, but it's a pain to pay each time.  So I think it was generated by feedback from non-residents looking for something like this.  To me it seems reasonable, and it would make it easier for the gate people."

Code Department fee changes were also approved.  Subdivision and building permit fees were restructured.  In the past subdivision fees cost $250 to classify a parcel as a subdivision plus $100 per lot

Now we've done away with the classification fee, but we're charging 125 per lot," said Supervisor Kathy Miller.

There will also be a $25 demolition permit fee.  Solar permit is $75 for residences, and a $500 flat fee for commercial use.  Legal and engineering fees for construction projects were attached to a developer's agreement.  That has been changed to an applicant's agreement, with language to define an applicant.

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