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trusslaw 120The Town of Lansing enacted a new law Wednesday that will require owners of new homes and older homes that have had work done requiring a building permit to display a label warning emergency responders that the structure has wooden trusses.  The law was passed to conform to a new state law that requires new homes and homes with new additions to be labeled.  

Code/Fire Enforcement Officer & Building Inspector Lynn Day says the law will require that the stickers are properly placed before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.  In a Town Board working meeting he recommended that the Town provide the stickers to homeowners as part of their building permit.  Day has procures a small supply of the stickers, but says he is waiting until the state determines whether four inch square stickers may be used instead of the currently required six inch stickers.

"The state's public comment period is still open," he told the Board Wednesday.  "We sent a recommendation that they change the requirement to a four inch sign, because it fits on siding.  That doesn't mean they'll take our recommendation.  I put a six inch sticker on a house yesterday.  it folds over the siding and doesn't look very pleasant."

trusslaw StickerPhoto courtesy of Lynn Day

The signs use codes to warn of NYS prescribes 'type' flooring and whether it is to be found in floors, roofs or both.  State regulations require specific placement of the signs on or near exterior doors, and \for out-buildings, hydrants, and electric meters.

Day noted that homeowners may not be enamored of displaying the utilitarian signs, especially next to their front doors, byt the state requires homeowners to maintain them, and levies a fine if they are not maintained.  The new Town law will go into effect as soon as a copy is received by the State Comptroller's office.

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