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School BoardLong time school board member Christine Iocabucci was elected School Board President last week.  Board officers are elected by sitting school board members.  Glenn Swanson has been President the past three school years.  Iocabucci presented Swanson a book about 'The Avengers' pointing out that they are also a strong team, though she stopped short of assigning superhero characters to the board members.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Glenn Swanson," Iocabucci said.  "For the last three years we have become quite a unified board.  As such we've been able to focus on our children and our community, the education process here at Lansing and on our relationships.  Part of the reason is that Glenn is such a team player.  He has helped to make us a really good, strong team."

Tony Lombardi was elected Vice President.  Both Iocabucci and Lombardi were sworn in.

"I think we all have a lot to be proud of," Swanson said.  "We've come a long way.  We just need to continue the upward climb."

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