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capitalbuilding2 120Tom Reed held a joint press conference with State Senator Tom O'Mara and State Assemblyman Bill Nojay to reaffirm his opposition to the President's Nuclear Agreement with Iran and called on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to reconsider her support of the deal.

Reed went on to emphasize the need for bipartisan cooperation on matters of national security, citing Senator Schumer's recent public opposition on the deal.  "I am thankful for Senator Schumer's willingness to look at the facts of this agreement and publicly issue his opposition to the agreement."

Throughout the month of August, Reed held five physical town hall meetings and two tele-town hall meetings to give residents an opportunity to voice their concerns or support for the agreement. Reed also engaged constituents through social media and e-newsletters to request insight.

reed iranTom Reed (pictured right) held a press conference in Big Flats, NY to reaffirm his opposition to the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Mr. Reed was joined by State Senator Tom O’Mara, State Assemblyman Bill Nojay and local radio personality who emceed the event, Frank Acomb (pictured right to left).

"Over the last month we have worked tirelessly to gather feedback from our friends and neighbors across the district to get their thoughts on the agreement," said Reed. "I care about their thoughts, and we had a lot of great interaction and discussion on both sides of the issue but it was abundantly clear that the majority of people opposed this deal."

Reed also outlined the his reasons for opposing the agreement simply stating, "This unfair agreement puts Iran closer to developing a nuclear weapon,  gives them the technology to deploy this weapon against us or our allies and gives significant amounts of money to a nation that is the leading state sponsor of terror."

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